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Android versus iOS

ios-androidRecently I have been thinking quite a bit about the commercial viability of Android versus iOS – from the viewpoint of a commercial developer. Should I support both platforms (which is quite an effort for a small development team if you are going for native support and not some web-based stuff) or should I prefer one platform over the other. My concerns are (for now) related to the development of ADOM Live, a mobile descendant of ADOM, my vastly successful roguelike game.

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iPhone App recommendation: iNuke

inukeToday I have to recommend yet another great iPhone app created by my good friend Jochen, who is also doing al the various ADOM ports and stuff. Since he is a very good friend, I am somewhat biased but since we also discuss the design of his apps quite a bit before they are finished and he is a guy with both talent and the ability to listen and choose I am not surprised that I love this app. Ok, we are talking about iNuke now ๐Ÿ™‚

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BattleDuel: Very cool iPhone/iPad app

BattleDuelToday I would like to recommend an iPhone/iPad app of a very good friend of mine: BattleDuel. A game that has been around on the Amiga and on the PC. A game that has been implemented in C and in Java. And a great game that now is available in Objective-C for the iPad and the iPhone.

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Amazing iPhone Text Input Support

I love my iPhone. I really do. I never again want to switch to another device. At least none I know. Nonetheless it just happened again: I continue to be amazed that my iPhone dares to offer “York” as a textual replacement for “Dirk” (a perfect and common German name) or “ferneehen” as auto completion for “Fernsehen” (which means “television” – the replacement in English would have to be something like “remotemarriages”). I guess that the german dictionary (if there is one) is just woefully incomplete and tries to do some amazing deductive work – usually it’s for me just an annoyance. Does anybodyknow how the iPhone tries to learn new words?

But maybe it’s just me using strange words ๐Ÿ˜‰

Apples… and Oranges?

iphone-homeI’ve been a huge Apple fan for some time… not necessarily due to the computers (I’m a Java geek and always felt somewhat neglected on MacOS) but rather because of its iPod line of MP3 gizmos. Recently I finally got my shiny new iPhone and my personal Apple hysteria has been on a constant rise since then. Here’s why… and why I’m slightly annoyed (maybe just because I’m getting grumpy in my old days ;-)…

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