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Movie Review: Avatar

avatarMost of my recent movie reviews have been… critical at best. Today we watched the match tooted movie “Avatar” by James Cameron. I was very curious about the “new 3D” technology (having been less than impressed by Hollywood’s earlier attempts) and really hoped for a great movie.

And what did we get ­čÖé ?

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A song of serenity, peace and majesty…

Powerful stuff… really powerful stuff. Enjoy.

Movie Review: 2012

mayaWe just watched 2012 by Roland Emmerich. This movie was truly inspiring. Wanna know more? Read on. And if you work in Hollywood: Read the end of this post – 2012 provided me with an idea that will help Hollywood a lot more money than it already does and it even might help to create a brighter future for mankind.

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Movie Review: Transformers 2

wreckLast year during our USA trip we also visited the wonderful town of Lone Pine and the even more wonderful Alabama Hills (if you haven’t been there and like movies – go there! It’s a magical place). While we stayed there there was on site filming for the movie “Transformers 2”. Thus we have to go to the cinema and watch it. Today we did…

…and I must say I am impressed. Really impressed. This has been the biggest pile of shit I have seen in a long time. Wanna know more? Read on…

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Gran Torino

Today we watched “Gran Torinodirected by Clint Eastwood who also is playing the main character. I have been a huge fan of Clint Eastwood for a long time and thus it is no suprise that I really loved the movie. Go watch it or buy the DVD or watch it and buy the DVD. Why did I lke the movie so much?

Spoiler alert…

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Stardust / Der Sternwanderer

We just watched “Der Sternwanderer” (Stardust, by Neil Gaiman). I absolutely love this movie – what a wonderful fairy tale with great characters, nice twists and turns. I fail to see the issues some critics had about the movie and being able to follow the story. My recommendation: Watch it, enjoy it and take it as what it is – a simple yet moving fairy tale about all the strong motives of classic fairy tales: great evil meeting bravery in the face of at first unsurmountable adversity, true love and the strength of innocence.┬á

BTW, I recommend everything from Neil Gaiman, his Sandman comics probably being one of the most powerful pieces of fantastic literature┬áI ever read┬á(yeah, literature in a comic series – can you believe that? The critics had some problems with that [initially]).