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W-JAX 2009: Hibernate Search – Full-text search for Hibernate applications

hibernateDisclaimer: This entry has been written while listening to the talk. Please forgive me any typographical or grammatical errors resulting from this approach.

Emmanuel Bernard from JBoss is next – he is going to cover basic topics like general search functionalities with Hibernate as well as advanced topics like how to handle typos and approximations in combination with Lucene.

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JAX 2009: Tuning Hibernate & JPA (Tuning von Hibernate und JPA-Anwendungen)

(Disclaimer: this text was written while listening to the presentation – please be forgiving with errors that might result from both listening and writing)

Michael Plöd starts our second JAX day with a talk about how to tune your persistence layer. Since we make extensive use of both Hibernate and JPA in our company portal framework and always like to speed things up even more I was quite curious about what he has to offer. Especially since I’m usually known as the guy who is not that interested in databases and rather prefer to talk about the actual domain model.

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