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Android versus iOS

ios-androidRecently I have been thinking quite a bit about the commercial viability of Android versus iOS – from the viewpoint of a commercial developer. Should I support both platforms (which is quite an effort for a small development team if you are going for native support and not some web-based stuff) or should I prefer one platform over the other. My concerns are (for now) related to the development of ADOM Live, a mobile descendant of ADOM, my vastly successful roguelike game.

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iPhone App recommendation: iNuke

inukeToday I have to recommend yet another great iPhone app created by my good friend Jochen, who is also doing al the various ADOM ports and stuff. Since he is a very good friend, I am somewhat biased but since we also discuss the design of his apps quite a bit before they are finished and he is a guy with both talent and the ability to listen and choose I am not surprised that I love this app. Ok, we are talking about iNuke now ๐Ÿ™‚

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First blood with MonoTouch

mtI’m slowly getting settled into our new home and the number of construction tasks still to be handled slowly is decreasing. So I finally found an evening to do something I have been longing to do for quite a while: Toying around with MonoTouch in order to do some iPhone programming.

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BattleDuel: Very cool iPhone/iPad app

BattleDuelToday I would like to recommend an iPhone/iPad app of a very good friend of mine: BattleDuel. A game that has been around on the Amiga and on the PC. A game that has been implemented in C and in Java. And a great game that now is available in Objective-C for the iPad and the iPhone.

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(German) Java Code Camp: Spring

java-code-campCome to Cologne – it’s going to be fun! :-). Eberhard and I will be talking about various Spring related topics and and give the full course from the very basics (what is Spring and why is it good?) to the most advanced topics (how do the distributed administration of a large SpringSource tc server cluster work with some simple magic?). I’m looking forward to the code camp since it will be a great opportunity to do some great coding together. And the evening events also are goinf to be alot of fun!

Amazing iPhone Text Input Support

I love my iPhone. I really do. I never again want to switch to another device. At least none I know. Nonetheless it just happened again: I continue to be amazed that my iPhone dares to offer “York” as a textual replacement for “Dirk” (a perfect and common German name) or “ferneehen” as auto completion for “Fernsehen” (which means “television” – the replacement in English would have to be something like “remotemarriages”). I guess that the german dictionary (if there is one) is just woefully incomplete and tries to do some amazing deductive work – usually it’s for me just an annoyance. Does anybodyknow how the iPhone tries to learn new words?

But maybe it’s just me using strange words ๐Ÿ˜‰

Apples… and Oranges?

iphone-homeI’ve been a huge Apple fan for some time… not necessarily due to the computers (I’m a Java geek and always felt somewhat neglected on MacOS) but rather because of its iPod line of MP3 gizmos. Recently I finally got my shiny new iPhone and my personal Apple hysteria has been on a constant rise since then. Here’s why… and why I’m slightly annoyed (maybe just because I’m getting grumpy in my old days ;-)…

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