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A song of serenity, peace and majesty…

Powerful stuff… really powerful stuff. Enjoy.

Yet another blog… about roleplaying.

d20I just added yet another blog to my growing collection of personal blogs. I have been toying with the rules for a German old school roleplaying system that I want to publish via at some point in Spring (as soon as I am done). In order to provide a focussed coverage of that topic I have added my Hexer & Helden blog. Enjoy!


wedding1So, langsam kehre ich wieder in das “normale Leben” zurück. Polterabend, Hochzeit, Hochzeitsreise sind mit dem August schon wieder alle vergangen, das Arbeitsleben hat mich wieder und langsam kehre ich aus der “Cook-Zeit” zurück in die westeuropäische Realität. Zeit, endlich mal den offiziellen Helfern bei der Hochzeit (neben all unseren großartigen Freunden, Verwandten und Bekannten, denen wir auf anderem Wege danken) zu danken.

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(German) Java Code Camp: Spring

java-code-campCome to Cologne – it’s going to be fun! :-). Eberhard and I will be talking about various Spring related topics and and give the full course from the very basics (what is Spring and why is it good?) to the most advanced topics (how do the distributed administration of a large SpringSource tc server cluster work with some simple magic?). I’m looking forward to the code camp since it will be a great opportunity to do some great coding together. And the evening events also are goinf to be alot of fun!

Short (german) article about SpringSource Tool Suite published

SpringHere we go. Just a short memo bout the new open source status of SpringSource Tool Suite (STS).

GNTM: A close second place for Witten

cupUsually I do not watch formats like “Germany’s Next Top Model” (the German equivalent of “America’s Next Top Model with our Heid Klum). Today was the final show of the 2009 edition. This time I did watch the show.  For patriotic reasons. Seriously.

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Spring Roo: Short german overview available

Occasionally I write articles… one more just went online. It’s a short German opinionated abstract about Spring Roo.

SpringOne 2009: The side talks…

bulbThe most interesting thing about conferences (besides having the chance to hear about something you simply missed while being distracted by your normal daily workload) is that you can meet all kind of interesting people. Well, actually you can all kind of people and some are more interesting than others. But if you manage to identify the particularly interesting people and get to talk to them about your and their interests, this really can widen your horizon (not really surprising, but I need to remind myself of that every once in a while when I sit in a particularly boring or uninspired talk). Yesterday night we explored Amsterdam and actually had a very interesting discussion about what we perceive to be major problems of the software engineering discipline as a whole – not with someone new we met but with a good old acquaintance we hadn’t met for some time. The night ended after 2pm in the morning but the resulting 5 hours of sleep were a tiny price to be paid for the great evening – both intellectually and socially. Thanks, Nils! So what did we discuss…?

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SpringOne 2009: Time-to-live

A friendly duck - though not made of plush like Adrians.Disclaimer: This entry has been written while listening to the talk. Please forgive me any typographical or grammatical errors resulting from this approach.

Adrian Colyer will concern himself in todays keynote with the question about how to shorten the time between feature request and feature rollout to production. Basically he will relate to the concepts of learn software development.

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SpringOne 2009: Rod Johnson Keynote

Rod JohnsonDisclaimer: This text has been written during the presentation please forgive me any grammatical and typographical mistakes.

Due to the even more limited Wifi available at SpringOne (compared to the hideous Wifi support at JAX last week) I’ll limit myself to repeating Rods key messages:

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