GNTM: A close second place for Witten

cupUsually I do not watch formats like “Germany’s Next Top Model” (the German equivalent of “America’s Next Top Model with our Heid Klum). Today was the final show of the 2009 edition. This time I did watch the show.  For patriotic reasons. Seriously.

The reason being Mandy, a great 18-year-old girl from my current home town, Witten. Mandy was the definite catwalk queen, Sara was the more exotic appearance and finally won. Congratulations to both of them – my personal favourite was Mandy for her very dry humor. Never will I forget the shooting where the models to be had to play hard rock singers on stage and Mandy motivated herself by roaring “Satan!” into the camera before going on stage.

To understand the humor of that situation you need to see that Witten in past years had some problems with satan worshippers… I just was laughing on the floor when that innocent looking 18 year old girl roared into the micro… although you probably need to like dark humor to cherish that. Did I mention that I occasionally have a very dark humor? Anyways I would have liked to see a personality from Witten to become famous (especially a current personality).

Nonetheless congratulations to both of them and good luck to both of them in conquering the  model world!

P.S.: I watched together with my girlfriend – she loves the format 😉

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