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Trying to “Web 2.0”-enable myself…

www20For a long time I was not interested in blogs, twitter and all this social web 2.0 stuff – mostly because I thought that I would not have the time to care about these things. But things are more complicated than I would have expected… hints would be appreciated to save me some time. 

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Skater Design?

A friend made some jokes about the current blog design… oh well.

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Bilingually busy… live!

Finally I got around to redesign my (for the longest time defunct) personal website. Grand plans for a multitude of pages in two language, professional photos and a lot more have gone to the backburner because my time is running out and I am too busy for such grand plans right now… as usual 😉

Thus for now I decided to use a basic WordPress installation with a nice theme in order to build all the pages I wanted to have.

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