Meteor 1.2 released

meteor-logo_newJust today I was welcomed with the news that Meteor 1.2 has been released. If you don’t know what Meteor is: It’s IMHO the most exciting current reactive JavaScript programming framework combining easy of use with flexibility and power of expression in a totally exciting manner.

We have been using Meteor for some experiments at QuinScape (and alternatively have been fiddling with ReactJS and combination of React with Java) for various ideas and seeing that Meteor now fully embraces React as an alternative view layer is interesting news.

Personally I have been using Meteor to refresh my JavaScript skills (it’s been a long time since I experienced the dawn of JavaScript 1.0 in times long forgotten and it has come a way), both to update my technical savvy with modern web development languages (I’m actually doing more JavaScript coding than Java these days… who would have thought…) and to also keep my skills up to date for our Kony activities at QuinScape.

I’m currently using Meteor for both a private “secret project” (still busy, these days I’m fascinated by collaborative productivity tools and I see the need for something special in the market I yet have not seen) and also plan to use Meteor for the upcoming community website of ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery; yeah, I’m still heavily involved in that; in case you didn’t notice you might want to keep up with the past couple of years on the official ADOM blog; it’s rise in activity almost correlates with the silence here) or follow me on Facebook and Twitter (maybe both my personal and my ADOM account).

I still have two days of vacation ahead of me and will try to combine ADOM work with some Meteor 1.2 fiddling. See ya soon, probably with more Meteor related thoughts.