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Movie Review: Avatar

avatarMost of my recent movie reviews have been… critical at best. Today we watched the match tooted movie “Avatar” by James Cameron. I was very curious about the “new 3D” technology (having been less than impressed by Hollywood’s earlier attempts) and really hoped for a great movie.

And what did we get ­čÖé ?

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Movie Review: 2012

mayaWe just watched 2012 by Roland Emmerich. This movie was truly inspiring. Wanna know more? Read on. And if you work in Hollywood: Read the end of this post – 2012 provided me with an idea that will help Hollywood a lot more money than it already does and it even might help to create a brighter future for mankind.

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Gran Torino

Today we watched “Gran Torinodirected by Clint Eastwood who also is playing the main character. I have been a huge fan of Clint Eastwood for a long time and thus it is no suprise that I really loved the movie. Go watch it or buy the DVD or watch it and buy the DVD. Why did I lke the movie so much?

Spoiler alert…

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Stardust / Der Sternwanderer

We just watched “Der Sternwanderer” (Stardust, by Neil Gaiman). I absolutely love this movie – what a wonderful fairy tale with great characters, nice twists and turns. I fail to see the issues some critics had about the movie and being able to follow the story. My recommendation: Watch it, enjoy it and take it as what it is – a simple yet moving fairy tale about all the strong motives of classic fairy tales: great evil meeting bravery in the face of at first unsurmountable adversity, true love and the strength of innocence.┬á

BTW, I recommend everything from Neil Gaiman, his Sandman comics probably being one of the most powerful pieces of fantastic literature┬áI ever read┬á(yeah, literature in a comic series – can you believe that? The critics had some problems with that [initially]).