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SpringOne Prelude Part II

AmsterdamOk, here we are on the way to the SpringOne keynote. Interesting experiences on the way… parking in Amsterdam is the 50 Euros per day. Not bad for a tiny parking lot smelling like some yellow fluid on the ground. Wifi is something that does not seem to work in NH Krasnapolsky. But who needs that in 21st century?  Well, ok, it only took 30 minutes to log in. So it does work… for some definition of “work”.

JAX 2009: JSR-301 (summary & (unfair?) rant)

Flame On!(Disclaimer: this text was written while listening to the presentation – please be forgiving with errors that might result from both listening and writing)

Andy Bosch was our second target on day two of the 2009 JAX. He is going to talk about the JSR-301 specifying bridges between JSF and portlets. Since portlet integration with JSF is one of the next topics in an internal project at QuinScape I was naturally very curious about how much currently is possible (having experienced myself that portlets usually are the ugly step child of web projects). We learned…

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