In the past I have been published in a number of areas. These days I limit myself to writing roleplaying games and publishing them once in a while. Basically you can separate my business related publications (including conference presentations) from my scientifical publications (mostly for my Ph.D.) and finally from my private publications relating to my various hobbies. Below you will also find publications where I helped as an editor or rule tester (or something like that).

Business Publications & Conference Appearances

Most of my business publications center on the Spring framework and its positive effects on Java Enterprise development. My company – QuinScape – is one of the few Premier Systems Integration Partners for SpringSource, the original company behind the Spring framework. Additionally QuinScape drives the OpenSAGA project – the first (and so far only) german open source project striving to provide a SAGA compliant and Java based development platform for web based applications.

Scientific Publications

My scientific publications usually are concerned with highly specialized topics regarding new synergistic approaches for more efficient software development techniques and related framework aspects.

  • Biskup, Thomas: Agile fachmodellgetriebene Softwareentwicklung für mittelständische IT-Projekte, Doktorarbeit, Shaker Verlag, Aachen, 2010
  • Biskup, Thomas; Gusev, M.; Manceski, G.; Mitrevski, P.: A New Solution for Workflow and Document Management Used for University Management in WODOMI Project, Proc. of the International Conference “ICT Innovations ‘09” (Springer Conference Proceedings Series), Ohrid, Macedonia, 2009
  • Biskup, Thomas: Conceptual Programming – A New Perspective on Efficient Software Development by example of the WODOMI project, Proc. of the International Conference “ICT Innovations ‘09” (CD Conference Proceedings), Ohrid, Macedonia, 2009
  • Biskup, Thomas; Heyer, N.; Marx Gómez, Jorge: Building Sound Semantic Web Frameworks for Scalable and Fault-Tolerant Systems; in: Sugumaran, V. (Hrsg.): Advanced Topics in Intelligent Information Technologies. Idea Group Publishing Hershey (PA), London 2007, S. 153–181
  • Biskup, Thomas; Marx Gómez, J.: Conceptual Model Driven Software Development (CMDSD) as a Catalyst Methodology for Building Sound Semantic Web Frameworks; in: Radaideh, M. (Hrsg.): Architecture of Reliable Web Applications Software. Idea Group Publishing Hershey (PA), London 2007, S. 194–221
  • Biskup, Thomas; Marx Gómez, Jorge: Building Blocks of a Semantic Web Framework — Requirements Analysis and Architectural Implications, Proceedings of 3rd International Workshop on Web Semantics – WebS’04 in conjunction with the 14th International Conference on Database and Expert Systems Applications DEXA 2004 —- Zaragoza (Spain), Database and Expert Systems Applications, 15th International Workshop on (DEXA’04), 2004, S. 214–218
  • Biskup, Thomas; Marx Gómez, Jorge: The WASP Framework – Bridging the Gap between the Web of Systems, The Web of Services and the Web of Semantics with Agent Technology, Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Intelligent Mobile Agents in Peer-To-Peer Networks (IMAP2P) in conjunction with the 4th International Symposium on Engineering of Intelligent Systems, (EIS’2004), Madeira (Portugal), CD Proceedings, 2004
  • Biskup, Thomas; Marx Gómez, Jorge: Component Requirements for a Universal Semantic Web Framework, In: AIS SIGSEMIS Bulletin, Volume 1, Number 3, October 2004, S. 25–28
  • Biskup, Thomas; Marx Gómez, Jorge: Requirements for a Semantic Web Framework Architecture, In: Proceedings of XII Latin-Ibero-American Congress on Operations Research and Systems CLAIO’2004 —- Havana (Cuba), 2004
  • Biskup, Thomas; Marx Gómez, Jorge: Approach to Bridge the Gap between the Web of Systems, the Web of Services and the Web of Semantics using Agent Technology and the WASP Framework, Proceedings of 15th IRMA International Conference – Innovations Through Information Technology, (IRMA’2004), New Orleans, (USA), CD Proceedings.
  • Biskup, Thomas; Marx Gómez, Jorge: How to Simplify Software Projects with Conceptual Model Driven Software Development (CMDSD), Proceedings of International Conference on Cost Effectiveness and Efficiency in Industry (OIE’2006), Poznan (Poland), S. 25–32.
  • Biskup, Thomas; Marx Gómez, Jorge; Rautenstrauch, Claus: The WASP Framework — Bridging the Gap between the Web of Systems, the Web of Services and the Web of Semantics with Agent Technology, In: International Journal of Intelligent Information Technologies (IJIIT), Vol. 1, No. 2, April – June 2005, S. 68–82
  • Biskup, Thomas; Marx Gómez, Jorge: Building a Semantic Web Framework with Reusable and Configurable Core Technologies, In: Proceedings of 16th IRMA International Conference — Managing Modern Organizations With Information Technology, (IRMA’2005), San Diego, USA, 2005, S. 859–862
  • Biskup, Thomas; Marx Gómez, Jorge: Bridging the gap between EA goals and technology requirements with Conceptual Programming; in: Doucet, G., Gøtze, J., Saha, P., Bernard, S. (Hrsg.): Coherency Management: Architecting the Enterprise for Alignment, Agility, and Assurance, Idea Group Publishing Hershey (PA), 2009
  • Biskup, Thomas: Realisierung natürlichsprachiger Web-Agenten in Java, Tagungsband der Net.ObjectDays, 2001

Hobby Publications

My hobby references usually pertain to roleplaying games and rules supplements since I am highly fascinated by all game design aspects relating to this genre of games. Don’t take some of these things too seriously – I did it for the money (excuse me, money? not in that business – it’s just for fame and honor). I consider Maddrax: Reloaded so far to be my crowing achievement and plan to release more roleplaying games in the future via


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