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W-JAX 2009: CouchDB, die REST-basierte Datenbankalternative fürs WEB 2.0

couchdbDisclaimer: This entry has been written while listening to the talk. Please forgive me any typographical or grammatical errors resulting from this approach.

Frank Pientka from Materna, another company from Dortmund, will report about CouchDB as a document oriented databased optimized for REST access. Since QuinScape is employing Sven Helmberger, maintainer of the JCouchDB open source project and we recently had an internal TechTalk about CouchDB and JCouchDB I was looking forward to see what other companies are doing with this exciting new technology.

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Trying to “Web 2.0”-enable myself…

www20For a long time I was not interested in blogs, twitter and all this social web 2.0 stuff – mostly because I thought that I would not have the time to care about these things. But things are more complicated than I would have expected… hints would be appreciated to save me some time. 

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