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2011 in review, 2012 ahead

The last hours of a year for me always are a wonderful time for reflection and planning. The plans for 2011 didn’t quite work out as laid down – but I’ll get to that in a couple of minutes. I’ll also try my hand at some predictions for 2012 to see if I’m getting better at this business.

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Rank 38 on Facebook (for Germany)…

fb3880…as far as “being connected” goes. I have to thank all the ADOM and JADE fans out there for granting me this tiny moment of fame and happiness (oh dear, in December I didn’t care about Facebook – now I get a warm feeling out of such trivialities… I’m getting senile). Nonetheless the accompanying image is fun:

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Planning for 2011

crystal-ball2010 has been a very hectic year with lots of diversions. I hope that 2011 will be a lot more focussed. Here are my plans concerning various pet projects…

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