Planning for 2011

crystal-ball2010 has been a very hectic year with lots of diversions. I hope that 2011 will be a lot more focussed. Here are my plans concerning various pet projects…

Business wise two projects will take up all my time in 2011:

  • My job as one of three CEOs of QuinScape and the continuous growth of the company as a leader in web based process optimization applications.
  • As an extension of QuinScape will be heavily involved in growing our open source project OpenSAGA (German, English). If you are tired of endless web frameworks that just rehash existing technologies and feel like trying something completely new – give it a try. OpenSAGA IMHO finally manages to separate business concerns from technology issues and fuels a much saner approach to web development.

Additionally there are various private projects that I finally want to push ahead:

Finally I have decided to realign my social networking activities:

  • From now on I will use my Xing account for all my business activities. So if you want to socialize in business related manners you should connect to me on Xing. Using Xing for business for me also means that you won’t see much activity there during holidays.
  • Twitter will continue to be used for casual chatter… mixing all kinds of stuff ranging from private observations over technical information to the latest updates about my pet projects.
  • And I’m finally active on Facebook – for now I plan to use Facebook mostly for my hobby and private projects – so if you want to meet me in private Facebook is the place to go. Currently I focus on rebuilding my ADOM community connection with Facebook and am very happy with that.

So that’s it. I wish everyone out there a good start into 2011 and hope to chat with you concerning one or more of the projects mentioned above in the future. See ya till then!

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