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2012 in review, 2013 ahead

crystal-ballAmazingly a year passed without updates to this blog, mosty due to the fact that the blog got hacked during some point in 2012 and I never found the time to fix that… until now.

So today will deliver just a quick summary of 2012:

  • It’s been a fantastic year. QuinScape has grown to over 70 people and we had a splendid year!
  • On the ADOM front I managed to run a fantastic crowd funding campaign and due to the overwhelming support of more than 1.000 donors ADOM Classic has been resurrected.
  • On the ADOM II front several releases have happened and although development slowed down a little due to the crowd funding campaign ADOM II 0.3.1 is currently available and ADOM II 0.3.2 will follow soon.
  • I have been pretty active on Facebook and Twitter – as planned.
  • Private 2012 has been great – with holidays in South Africa, the Mediterranean (a fantastic cruise from Barcelona to Venice with many wonderful city stops in-between) and various trips through Germany.
  • We have been healthy and happy.

So all in all a great year!

And the forecast for 2013?

  • We will continue to grow QuinScape in a steady, strategic and healthy manner. I personally hope for at least 10% growth and believe 20% to be a possibility. We will see.
  • I will have to do a lot of work to finish the promises from the ADOM crowd funding campaign… primarily a lot of programming, writing and printing the ADOM Lite RPG and other stuff. This will the primary focus of my spare time.
  • Privately we plan to remain healthy and happy 😉

So thanks to everyone for an almost perfect 2012 and we’ll meet again in 2013! I wish you all a Happy New Year!

2011 in review, 2012 ahead

The last hours of a year for me always are a wonderful time for reflection and planning. The plans for 2011 didn’t quite work out as laid down – but I’ll get to that in a couple of minutes. I’ll also try my hand at some predictions for 2012 to see if I’m getting better at this business.

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