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Book recommendation: Azincourt bei Bernard Cornwall

azincourtJust to get a quick tip off: This saturday I by pure chance bought Azincourt by Richard Cornwall. I’m very interested in medieval history and also love a good yarn with medieval background. So far I only managed the first 156 pages but I am having a lot of fun following the adventures of Nicholas Hook, english forester, outlaw, archer and more on his way to the famous battle of Agincourt/Azincourt. Well written, interesting so far, decent characters (by far not as great as in the First Law trilogy though). If you want some pretty well researched medieval storytelling, here you go!

My wishlist

amazonOccasionally someone asks (especially some ADOM fan). So if you fell like saying thanks for ADOM (or something else ;-), already have finished the postcard quest and don’t just want to send money via Paypal but otherwise express your gratitude, you can make me happy by perusing and using  my Amazon wishlist – I love surprises, I love packages and I love gifts


Recommendation: First Law Trilogy

last-argumentSince I just talked to some colleagues about this I would like to recommend the following trilogy to anyone in fantasy literature. It’s not for children, it’s different and it’s… brutal. But the characters in the trilogy are some of the most unlikely and different characters I have seen in a long time. And the author, Joe Abercombie, really has a talent for very swtring characterization and the language skills to suit that talent.

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