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W-JAX 2009: Why the next five years will be about languages

babelDisclaimer: This entry has been written while listening to the talk. Please forgive me any typographical or grammatical errors resulting from this approach.

Next is the keynote by Ted Neward about language evolution. Since I am myself a strong believer in DSLs I’m looking forward to this talk.

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JAX 2009: Practical Domain-Specific Languages with Groovy

(Disclaimer: this text was written while listening to the presentation – please be forgiving with errors that might result from both listening and writing)

Guillaume Laforge is my next stop in the JAX presentation route. He talks about “Practical Domain-Specific Languages with Groovy”. I’m a huge fan and supporter of DSLs believing them to be the next big thing in truly enhancing developer productivity. Since I also believe that we are just scratching on the surface of what we can achieve with DSLs I was curious about what Guillaume would have to show, especially since Groovy seems to be a pretty natural fit for many types of DSLs.

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