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Spring Roo: Short german overview available

Occasionally I write articles… one more just went online. It’s a short German opinionated abstract about Spring Roo.

Spring Roo – The missing glue?

rooWhile I initially was somewhat neutral about the latest offering from Spring – Spring Roo – my opinion is changing. While I’m still not overly fond of the project speedup features (IMHO that belongs into the IDE and not into a separate platform – and I don’t want to see a console for that) I am extremely impressed by the work Ben Alex seems to have done on the internal models underlying Roo.

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SpringOne 2009: Rod Johnson Keynote

Rod JohnsonDisclaimer: This text has been written during the presentation please forgive me any grammatical and typographical mistakes.

Due to the even more limited Wifi available at SpringOne (compared to the hideous Wifi support at JAX last week) I’ll limit myself to repeating Rods key messages:

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