Obscure RPG Quest, Part I

As I mentioned elsewhere I am collecting roleplaying games (of the pen & paper variety). I probably by now own more than 400 such games and the number is growing whenever I spot an interesting new or old game.

I’m also very keen on collecting old games from the early days of the genre. I already own quite a few old gems (e.g. a saddle-stitched 1st edition of Starfaring in mint condition or a Spawn of Fashan replica) but there are a number of obscure games that so far have eluded me.

If you happen to own an original pen & paper version of one of the following games and you don’t need it anymore, please contact me – I’m definitely interested in buying it for a decent price (no fantasy collector prices – I’m not that crazy):

  • Creeks & Crawdads (Martin Costa, Crustacium Games, 1986): The hilariously sounding game of playing mutated crawdads after the final war)
  • Realms of Yolmi (Ken Black and Marshall Rose, 1st edition, West Coast Games, 1977): The title just sounds incredible to me. And I also would be interested in the 2nd edition by Avant-Garde Simulations Perspectives (ASP) from 1978.
  • Monsters! Monsters! (Ken St. Andre with Jim “Bear” Peters, Metagaming 1976): Tunnels & Trolls always was a brilliant move but the idea of playing monsters in a dungeon… from 1976. Awesome.
  • Boot Hill 1st Edition (Brian Blume and Gary Gygax, TSR, 1975): I own the other editions and strongly believe Boot Hill 3rd edition to be the best western RPG ever designed the gunfight system is simply spectecular) but I never got my hands on a 1st edition.
  • Phase VII (Dennis Drew II, Cheshire Games, 1982)
  • 9th Generation (Jeff Siadek, Jeff Siadek Enterprises, 1986): Since I’m a huge Gamma World fanboy I collect all post-apocalyptic games and this one still has been missing in my collection for a long time.
  • Space Infantry (Daniel Douglas Hutto and Roger Allen Esnard, D&R Game Design, 1982)

Offers welcome… there is some room on my shelves to be filled by these games. And some day I hope to present all my babies in an online RPG museum. For the time being I have to recommend this wonderful place. See ya!

6 Responses to “Obscure RPG Quest, Part I”

  1. Ken St. Andre  on April 16th, 2009

    Actually, the idea was that the monsters in M!M! came out of the dungeons and rampaged through civilization, and you played the monsters. The idea was to be as bad, evil, and monstrous as you could. it was only after I had the idea of seeing things from the monsters’ povs that Tunnels and Trolls opened up into a game that encoursged players to be any kindred they wanted to be–elves, trolls, humans, were-hamsters. What did it matter what kindred you belonged to, so long as you had a goal to achieve and companions to adventure with?

  2. Thomas_Biskup  on April 16th, 2009

    Thanks, Ken, for the insightful glimpse into the past! Wisdom from the Trollgod himself – I feel honored. Even more thanks for given T&T to us – it’s an incredible game!

    Hoodyhoo – the Trollgod visited my blog! I need to blog about that. Sorry for sounding like a stupid fanboy πŸ˜‰ But I like to feel like that after a long hard day of work πŸ˜‰

  3. Marc  on December 26th, 2009

    Hi, I just chanced on a copy of Space Infantry.

    Do you still need/want it?

    • Thomas_Biskup  on December 29th, 2009


      I’d love to get my hands on it. Please contact me at thomas@biskup.net to see if we can work out some terms πŸ™‚


  4. Marc  on March 2nd, 2010

    Hi Thomas!

    Hope it gets to you soon!


  5. WhitebearCZ  on May 5th, 2011

    Are you still interested in “Yolmi”? I have a few copies and would like to know what they are worth.