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Amazing iPhone Text Input Support

I love my iPhone. I really do. I never again want to switch to another device. At least none I know. Nonetheless it just happened again: I continue to be amazed that my iPhone dares to offer “York” as a textual replacement for “Dirk” (a perfect and common German name) or “ferneehen” as auto completion for “Fernsehen” (which means “television” – the replacement in English would have to be something like “remotemarriages”). I guess that the german dictionary (if there is one) is just woefully incomplete and tries to do some amazing deductive work – usually it’s for me just an annoyance. Does anybodyknow how the iPhone tries to learn new words?

But maybe it’s just me using strange words 😉

Skater Design?

A friend made some jokes about the current blog design… oh well.

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