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OpenSAGA – my recent business pet project

opensaga1Yesterday we released the OpenSAGA website to the public. What’s the buzz about? It’s about a Java- and Spring-based web framework for which I am the project lead and principal architect and which is going to be released to the public in the first half of 2010. Let me tell you some more details…

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JAX 2009: Agil & Modell-basiert!? (“Agile Modeling!?”)

(Disclaimer: this text was written while listening to the presentation – please be forgiving with errors that might result from both listening and writing)

My second presentation on the JAX 2009: Jochen Seemann, CEO of MID, a former employee of Rational and Microsoft (where he worked on the DSL tools), talks about combining agility and model based approaches. I know that MID Innovator is a powerful tool for IT process modeling with UML but have never used it personally. Since my Ph.D. thesis is also concerned with model-based agile approaches I was very curious about hearing what MID is offering and believes to be the future of model-based and agile approaches.

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