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Short (german) article about SpringSource Tool Suite published

SpringHere we go. Just a short memo bout the new open source status of SpringSource Tool Suite (STS).

JAX 2009: Open Source As Part of a Successful Product Strategy

freedom(Disclaimer: this text was written while listening to the presentation – please be forgiving with errors that might result from both listening and writing)

Paul Clenahan is going to talk about taking an open source approach helped his company to build a successful business.  While waiting for his talk I wish him the best of luck because currently my colleague Jochen and I are the only attendees to the talk. My guess is that the wording “product strategy” sounds too much like a marketing event for a technical conference like the JAX. Paul is the vice president of product management at Actuate and hopefully has a better plan than to present just some marketing slides lest we need to give him feedback by leaving, too.

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