Trying to “Web 2.0”-enable myself…

www20For a long time I was not interested in blogs, twitter and all this social web 2.0 stuff – mostly because I thought that I would not have the time to care about these things. But things are more complicated than I would have expected… hints would be appreciated to save me some time. 

I started the ADOM blog and noticed that it was (so far) the easiest way to keep in touch with the ADOM community… although I do not post very often. But  I post every time there is something new – so at least there is a central place for information usable by todays tool standards.

Most recently I tried Twitter and set up my own Twitter account. I had used Twitter twice before – once to follow the stories posted by Ken St. Andre about the Death Goddess of Trollworld, once to understand Twitter. While I like the Death Goddess stories for me it does not really work to follow a story sentence by sentence… immersion is broken. And the other attempt… I just got bored by endless useless Tweets about what someone was doing right now (“drinking a coffee”, “drinking yet another coffee”, “paying coffee”, oh yeah baby, enrich my life…).

Then I read this blog entry about Twitter professors and finally started to see the light… the idea to understand Twitter as a kind of social memory instead of a kind of useless and chatty social network suddenly showed me some meaning… and inspired by a great late night conversation with a friend in Amsterdam (during SpringOne) the idea to use Twitter in combination with something else as a kind of “knowledge management 2.0” for the techies at our company seemed like a great idea. And new to me. As I mentioned: I never had given much thought to all that Web 2.0 stuff – so laugh about me if this is completely trivial to you 😉

But here the problems start for me and I need some help and input. I’m looking for an information aggregation service (and no, I don’t want to program one although I probably could – but I don’t have the time for that) that combines the following features:

  • I want to aggregate Tweets in a similar way to – e.g. watching a selected number of Tweets and filtering those for a defined set of tags.
  • I want to aggregate RSS feeds for a specific set of blogs, preferrably also filtering them for tags.
  • I want o have both on one page.
  • I want that page to continuously update (at some given interval).
  • I want to be able to set up the set of Tweets and RSS feeds in some community manner so that you just would need to join a specific community to see all the preconfigured Tweets (with filtering) and RSS feeds (with filtering) of the specific community.
  • I want it to be web-based.
  • I want to Twitter from that page (that would be perfect – but I can live without that part).

Surely there is a solution for these requirements somewhere out there but so far I have not found it. I would be very happy if someone has an idea about what to use or do to get this. Or found a startup – I’ll pay for the service… others probably would, too.

2 Responses to “Trying to “Web 2.0”-enable myself…”

  1. Salajem  on May 9th, 2009

    Cannot Help you with this. Sorry :/

  2. Jörg  on May 28th, 2009

    What about Yahoo Pipes?