Movie Review: Avatar

avatarMost of my recent movie reviews have been… critical at best. Today we watched the match tooted movie “Avatar” by James Cameron. I was very curious about the “new 3D” technology (having been less than impressed by Hollywood’s earlier attempts) and really hoped for a great movie.

And what did we get 🙂 ?

A truly amazing movie. While the story is similar to “Dances With Wolves” in more than one respect everything else just fits. The special effects are really great. The characters are well done (even my wife who initially said “uuhh, silly blue figures… I don’t want to see that” loved them), the aliens are really believable, the science (for someone like me) well done, the sounds effects and the score were great, the story pacing was great…nothing to complain about.Even the 3D technology was used with great care… and mostly for very good effect.

But please, Hollywood: Just don’t give us a lousy followup. This masterpiece is done. And well done at that.

Thanks, James. A truly amazing movie.

My recommendation: If you need to see one movie in the coming twelve months (or 24) – make it “Avatar”.

3 Responses to “Movie Review: Avatar”

  1. Tim  on January 13th, 2010


    I found the story incredibly cliche, uninteresting and predictable. The pacing was too slow, especially at the end and while the CG for the navi looked good, the animation for the human elements looked unnatural.

  2. wr4eaqtgrea  on January 22nd, 2010

    Your review fails in every way because you spent the majority of it virtually masturbating over 3D graphics, and totally brushed the cliched plot aside.

  3. Thomas_Biskup  on February 3rd, 2010

    Sometimes I go to cinema to just relax. As I said: The story is like “Dances With Wolves”. Nothing more, nothing less. And I don’t seen anything wrong with it.

    Neither seem many millions of others to differ in their opinion. This might not make Avatar a piece of literature – but IMHO it’s a great and fun movie.