BattleDuel: Very cool iPhone/iPad app

BattleDuelToday I would like to recommend an iPhone/iPad app of a very good friend of mine: BattleDuel. A game that has been around on the Amiga and on the PC. A game that has been implemented in C and in Java. And a great game that now is available in Objective-C for the iPad and the iPhone.

You can get BattleDuel here and the official website is to be found here.

While the latest incarnation of BattleDuel has been optimized for the iPhone it also plays very well on the iPad. Though BattleDuel needs to be run in iPhone app mode (e.g. artificially enlarging it) on the iPad and the menus as a result look somewhat pixellated, the game itself is marvellously fresh and crisp and the graphics are great. And all the old excitement is back.

I should note that some features of earlier BattleDuel versions are missing (e.g. the network mode) but I don’t really miss them so far. Nonetheless the huge amount of game play modes (team, duel, etc.) and the reasonable number of weapon types as well as the configurability of the game itself make BattleDuel the best artillery duel game I know.

Highly recommended!

And believe me: I’m not just recommending this game because Jochen is a good friend. I’m recommending it because it’s a really great game and Jochen has spent a lot of effort in testing it intensely. The gameplay itself is probably known to most people around since artillery duel games are almost as old as computers. But this is one of the most fun ones I know because it focusses on the important features and doesn’t allow to get all kind of funky glitz into your way.

Very enjoyable!

2 Responses to “BattleDuel: Very cool iPhone/iPad app”

  1. wjomlex  on August 13th, 2010

    Awesome game 😀 Thanks!