iPhone App recommendation: iNuke

inukeToday I have to recommend yet another great iPhone app created by my good friend Jochen, who is also doing al the various ADOM ports and stuff. Since he is a very good friend, I am somewhat biased but since we also discuss the design of his apps quite a bit before they are finished and he is a guy with both talent and the ability to listen and choose I am not surprised that I love this app. Ok, we are talking about iNuke now πŸ™‚

iNuke is a great fun app that allows you to apply all kind of damaging tools to your iPhone screen – from hammers to machine guns. It is just too much fun to give your iPhone to someone who wants to have a look at it (and doesn’t know much about iPhones), activating iNuke beforehand with hammer tool and watch the shocked expression when the display splinters at first touch – remember to take a photo of your screen beforehand though πŸ˜‰

That’s about all to say about iNuke – fun, efficient and new tools of destruction already are on the horizont – try it out πŸ™‚ !

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