The next week in review…

energyWow, the next week really is going to be quite a fun week. A training, o and two days of holiday for the largest gaming show in the world. And some JADE programming mixed in. I’m gonna love it. So, on Monday and Tuesday I’m hosting the Java Code Camp – Spring in Cologne together with Eberhard Wolff from SpringSource. Eberhard is doing the last two days, I am responsible for the first two days. This is the first time we are trying this new format together with the entwickler akademie and I am very much looking forward to two intense days of hands on Spring training. We will focus on a run-through (not a walk-through – too many topics 😉 through major aspects of Spring 2.5.6 and also provide some gimpses at features in Spring 3.0. I love doing those hands-on trainings, especially since in more recent times I have fewer opportunities to do so than in former years. Eberhard is a great trainer so I guess that we are looking for a couple of great days.

These last two days (and probably one more day at the weekend) I am going to spend on the Spiel 2009 in Essen, the largest gaming convention on Earth. I have been there every year since 1989 and I look forward to extend my collection with some more rarities from ancient times (although this is getting harder all the time). In any case strolling through the halls will be a kind of meditation for me – despite the throngs of people there. If you’ve never been there, go there – it’s just amazing. And if you thought that GEN CON in the US was large… you are going to experience quite a surprise!

And I’m working on JADE… slowly but constantly. Right now Jochen and I are toying with the development infrastructure to uplift my local respositories to a more modern setup.

Oh, and I’m going to defend my Ph.D. thesis on the 13th of November – so some preparation ahead for that, too. See ya next time.

One Response to “The next week in review…”

  1. Glowing Face Man  on October 30th, 2009

    Keep up the work on JADE.. can’t wait, I’m a huge ADOM fan 🙂 and good luck on the phd defense…