Talking about open source software at the EU in Brussels

workshopToday I’m giving a talk about “Transferring open source know how from industry projects to  the public sector – a one year retrospective” at the ePractice workshop: Open Source: Its place in a cross-border environment” in Brussels.I will talk about our experiences with OpenSAGA during the first year after the release as open source and I’m looking forward to interesting discussions in order to get a first hand grasp of the strategy of the EU concerning open source.

It’s an interesting experience as I never before have participated in such a EU event. Since I’m also going to be interviewed for

Side note: The drive to Brussels was annoying – I still do not understand the new traffic system around Eindhoven and again and again am caught on one of those endless roads without exists. All traffic signs seem to be rather meaningless. If someone from Eindhoven reads this – I really would like to understand the new trafficways around Eindhoven – is there a manual there? We again lost 90 minutes… just because we got lost.

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