Being a Fanboy… and a Troll

Today is a good day. After a long hard day of work, I visited my blog and noticed that the Trollgod himself graced my comments with his wisdom 🙂

Ok, I know that I sound like a stupid 12 year old fanboy but this was so unexpected that I relaxed instantly after the stressful day – and it reminded me of the fact that I wanted to be a member of Trollhalla for a long time – I just forgot to register because I got sidetracked again and again.

The comment from Ken changed that – now I’m a member of Trollhalla and I just can recommend this to anyone who had some fun with Tunnels & Trolls. It’s a great game and this is a great way to exchange gratitude for a wonderful game and in return get access to even more fun stuff for Tunnels & Trolls.

End of the commercial… I’ll no return to flipping a little bit through my T&T rulebook and remembering some great adventures 😉

One Response to “Being a Fanboy… and a Troll”

  1. Ken St. Andre  on April 18th, 2009

    Very glad to have you as a member of trollhalla, Thomas. Looking forward to exploring those tunnels of yours.